I'm Not A Perfect Circle

I’m not a perfect circle only half
I wander seeking for my other
Not perfect at all, I make mistakes such
I even once turned the wrong way, how could the pieces match?

I’m not a perfect circle how can I
enclose my truth within the boundaries of a fine shape?
So I lose it quite often , I stop and pick it up
Sometimes I need help just to find it
Some tried to cure my curve insanity
They put me in a procrustean bed
to straighten my line

Some tried to use my circular symbol
for their dark ceremonies
to cast spells

Follow me clockwise on my ring made of light
My path is one of love let me show u I’m right
Or I’ll bend every time that you put me in pain
and return to my incomplete circle in vain

Accept my imperfection
and receive my infinite devotion
Believe in my powers
to complete the rite

I don’t lie to myself anymore
I don’t cry for my flaws for I know
Round is my completion and my moves unpredictable
I’m not a perfect circle but now I can see
Faith will lead me to the shape I am to be
My feeling is too strange to describe and accept
Don’t judge and convict me by the first false step

I’m not a perfect circle, not perfect at all
Call me my real name uncover the veil
I’m not a perfect circle, not perfect at all
Don’t let me disappear by eating my tail


3 σχόλια:

Ο χρήστης Blogger Tamara de Lempicka είπε...

inspiration is back...

5:47 μ.μ.  
Ο χρήστης Blogger the navigator είπε...


και Tool επίσης θέλω σε πρώτη ευκαιρία !

1:09 π.μ.  
Ο χρήστης Blogger zero είπε...

πολυ καλο!

12:59 μ.μ.  

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